Food Appreciation

Sorry for a brief hiatus from posting. When I first started my blog, about 5(ish) months ago, I was writing to you all from an old and broken HP laptop. This laptop had been to three different continents and you could tell all the travel and wear was bringing it down.

Recently, I made one of the largest purchases of my life: a beautiful, brand new Macbook Air with 13″ screen. It is beautiful and I love it. I have found my soulmate and it is this computer that I am writing to you from. ;) But that is why the hiatus, I wanted to wait and write the new post from my LOVELY NEW MACBOOK! She is yet unnamed. I will keep you updated.


Anywhoooo, my past two days have been quite hectic! I went on my much anticipated shopping trip! I managed to stay within my budget! But really, the star of the show was the foooood. I love foooood.

First, lunch from Sushi Sakai, a little hole in the wall in the Valley of Spokane. It was SUPER GOOD. We ate the edamame, soup, and sushi in less than 10 minutes. We were starving and had been craving sushi all week. It was delightful:

IMG_7947 IMG_7948 IMG_7951

For dinner, we had lunch at the White House, a greek restaurant in downtown Post Falls. I had my absolute favorite, a spinach curry ravioli over a side of rice:


And today, we went to lunch at Under the Sun, an adorable Bistro/Gift shop in Bonners Ferry:

IMG_7962 IMG_7964


It was freakin relish!

Biggest buy of the week (besides my macbook):


Aren’t they beautiful? :) And who doesn’t love a good pair of Chucks?



DIY Washi Tape Vitamin Case

PicMonkey Collage

Today I went thrifting (again!) People keep having garage sales and I can’t resist not walking in and seeing what goodies they have. This was run by a little old lady, but there wasn’t much to search through. It was a smaller sale.

However I managed to find a weird shaped vitamin case and an XL Coca-Cola t-shirt! The cute little old lady just gave both of them to me for free, I think she just wanted everything gone.


But as you can see, it was a little old and worn out. I decided to give it an update and make it cute!


It was super easy, I just took strips of washi tape and pressed them down, trimming off the overhang with scissors.


If any sides poked up or didn’t tape down properly, I just used some hot glue to hold ‘em on! I then taped the corresponding tape to the side of the vitamin case that it matched.



After all the tape is taped down, I took a pencil and a sharpie and wrote the day of the week on top!


Voila! A cute and fun vitamin case.



To Henna or Not to Henna?

I happen to be quite a henna lover. I love creating henna body art, and I love the earthy, fresh smell of it. Some people think it smells like stinky dirt, but I don’t think so!

For those of you who don’t know, henna comes from a topical shrub that produces leaves and small red, white or pink flowers. In India, the leaves are taken, ground up into a powder and combined with liquids to create a special type of dye called mendhi. This is the type of henna commonly used to create henna tattoos.

Another use for henna is to dye the hair! My mom has been doing this every couple months or so for as long as I can remember, and she loves it. The henna commonly used as a hair dye is a lot less potent than mehndi. It is also not technically a dye, but more of a stain.

Like I said, my mother does this frequently! And lately I have been quite bored with my hair. This happens every so often…last time I was bored with it, I chopped off 13 inches and donated it to Locks of Love.

It’s still pretty short, so I can’t really chop it off to create a change, unless I wanted to do a pixie cut…which I don’t think I could pull off. Therefore I have been looking at dyeing my hair more of a blonde color. But that seems like quite a commitment and the upkeep kind of scares me. I would have to spend a ton of money touching it up and getting my roots done and it just seems like a looot of work!

So to create a new change, I decided to join my mom in her monthly henna-ing!



My hair is a fairly medium brown with a few blonde highlights. Ignore my goofy face please.



It is a looooot redder with orange and blonde and brown undertones. The great thing about henna is that it melds into your original hair color. It also doesn’t take evenly on every section of hair, which I think creates a more natural look.

It ended up being more of a change than I thought it would, but I really enjoy it.

There are also amazing hair health benefits to henna-ing your hair! It is a natural conditioner and afterwards made my hair feel super smooth and thick. I also had comments from friends on how shiny and healthy it looked. It’s about 3 days later and it still is unbelievably silky.

I don’t have any pictures of the actual process, but in about a month or so I will try and write a post about the actual process!



Shop ’till I Drop

Alternatively titled: Shop ’till I’m broke OR Why I Love Target OR How to Not Save Your Money and Blow it All on Clothes

Next Tuesday marks the inaugural BACK2SKEWL shopping triiiip! It’s my absolutely favorite shopping trip of the year. “Why do we have shopping trips?” you ask. Well, because I live in the middle of nowhere, we must consolidate a whole few months of shopping into one single day (I try not to shop online). Basically, I save my money just to drive to a city and spend it all in 6 hours. And why is the fall BACK2SKEWL my absolute favorite?

In my humble opinion, fall is not only the best season, but also the best fashion season! It’s amazing! Boots! Chambray! Scarves! Tights! What’s not to love?

This year I plan on stocking up on new snow/rain boots (L.L. Bean?), a pair of nice brown knee high boots that go with everything (Steve Madden…I WISH!), a green structured military jacket, some cute dresses that are layerable (new word), more knit scarves, colorful tights, a white button down, black lowtop converse, and new jeans. And sweaters. And jewelry. And heels. And WHATEVER STRIKES MY FANCY.

Stores to hit:

Our local Plato’s closet for cheap consignment store clothes.

Forever21 for cute dresses for cheap!

H&M in search of the perfect white button down and the perfect miltary-style jacket, both timeless and adorable.

Macy’s for jeans!

Old Navy for cute scarves and layerable clothes.

If you can’t tell, I’m a sucker for a good bargain of any kind. Thrift stores, consignment stores, cheap stores, chain stores, and my personal favorite: TARGET!


Target is the shiz. I love it. Where else could you find an adorable outfit for cheap AND a quality vacuum in the same store!?

Basically, I’m just totally and completely excited for next Tuesday.


How to Deal with a Jerk

They come in all shapes and sizes: tall, short, large, small, curvy. They have all kinds of names: meany, cranky head, jerk, POS. And they all have one goal (or so it seems): make your life miserable. Jerks are everywhere and they seem to know just how to ruin your day, week or month. They have a tool box full of sharp weapons to ruin your self esteem, happiness and love.

Taylor Swift has written many a’ song about them. Your mom has warned you about them and at one time, you may have BEEN one of them (gasp!). But today, I am here to tell you about how to cope with a poopypants.


The absolutely best way to deal with a jerk is to IGNORE THEM! I know, its crazy. Whether it’s some jerk on the street cat-calling you or some jerk from the “popular” crowd dissing on your new kicks, its best to ignore them. My mother taught me this when I was in junior high and I have been using this technique ever since.

I know it sounds silly and simple, but most of the time someone is just trying to get a rise out of you. If you ignore them, it takes away their power over you and they will soon get bored and leave.


If you are in an atmosphere such as a workplace, office, club, restaurant, etc. and the “ignore them” tip doesn’t work, you can seek higher help. If you are at school, talk to a counselor, teacher, or principal with whom you can trust and who will act on your behalf.


You may not be willing to jump straight to an authority figure, so the next option is to talk to the jerk themselves. Confront them. Tell them that what they are doing is bothering you and you want it to stop. Be assertive, but not overly forceful and stay calm. If you talk to them and they still won’t quit bothering you, then you may need an authority figure.


After you have dealt with said jerk, do not become the jerk yourself. What I mean is, smile, wave, and forget. Do not start terrorizing the person who terrorized you. BE THE BIGGER PERSON. Your life will be that much calmer, happier and stress-free.


Don’t be afraid to hug it out!


Flower Letter DIY

I’m kind of obsessed  with flowers. I love floral patterns, fresh flowers, I want a flower themed wedding, I have attempted to make flower headbands on several different occasions. Recently I was at a garage sale with my lovely mother and we stumbled upon some old, cheap, plastic flowers. The whole lot of them were about $2.00. Compared to what I’ve bought them for at Michael’s or another craft store, these were dirt cheap! We snatched them up and put them away in our art closet for another time.

I was bored tonight (watching movies and chowing on pizza) and alone…so I decided to get on Pinterest. I’ve been obsessively pinning dorm room decorations (even though I have a whole year until I go to college) and I stumbled across this idea to attach fake flowers to wooden or cardboard letters and hang them up. WELL I just happen to have a wooden letter “C” lying around. I decided to give it a shot!

What You Shall Need for this DIY:

Hot glue gun / hot glue sticks

A large amount of plastic flowers with the stems removed

A large wooden or cardboard letter




(Ignore my tootsies)

It’s a pretty straight forward and easy DIY.

After you have removed the stems from your flowers, squish out beads of hot glue onto the bottoms of the flowers. Attach them to the wooden letter.

Voila! You have a gorgeous piece of wall art to enjoy.



Caprese Grilled Cheese

We catered a wedding on Saturday and there was some leftover appetizer fixins. As an appetizer, we made mini caprese bites which were adorable! But basically, although they were cute and delicious, we had tooooons of left over mozzarella balls, tomatoes and basil. I cooked it all up on some Dave’s Killer Bread. SUPA YUM.

Today for lunch, I was hungry and decided to fix myself a Caprese Grilled Cheese panini! I had some issues with having the mozzarella melt in my little panini grill. I ended up having to turn the heat waaaaay up. But in the end, it was cheesey and gooey and delish! :)


I cut up the little mozzarella balls so that they were flat enough. Also sliced up a tomato and picked some fresh basil from our basil plant.



The assembled half a sandwich….


The end result!