Open This and You Will Have Good Fortune for FOREVER…

I got this survey/test thingy from Gracie Gordon, and I kind of love it. It reminds me of those email chain letters I used to get. You know, the ones where you filled out all these fun facts and then sent it on to 5 million people or else “you would become haunted by a ghost at 12 pm, blah blah blah”. Anywho, I capital L, LOVED them. It’s a weird passion of mine, filling out information about myself. Maybe I’m a tad self centered or absorbed…? Not sure. This is probably something I need to think about as it’s a major trait of being myself. Hm.

Lately I’ve been…

Making: plans for the future. I love how my life is starting to take off in new directions. :)

Cooking: just about everything. This week I’ve made pumpkin bars twice and the “Best cherry pie that has ever been created”, according to my family.


Drinking: a whole lot of green tea! I read it was good for me, so I drink a to-go cup full every morning. I like it with a splash of milk, no sugar or lemon.

Reading: my pre-calc textbook. My life is so fabulous.

Wanting: my birthday to be here so I can go shopping with birthday money!

Looking: currently looking at colleges and doing some more applications….college searches are da worst.


Playing: poker! I played last Saturday with my boiz, and we have another game set up for this Saturday. Little known fact is that I’m a mean poker player.

Wasting: time sitting here on my computer instead of doing my pre-calc homework.

Sewing duct taping: I recently duct taped my pants back together…white trashiness at its finest. Don’t worry, they’re just my work pants!

Wishing: It was prom season so I could go dress shopping. Last year’s dress was da bomb diggity!

Enjoying: my new hair color and cut! It’s so frickin easy and I’m loving my layers. Also enjoying this lovely fall weather.


Waiting: for my birthday. As I mentioned above. Less than 30 days people!

Liking: this fabulous feminism video. Go FCKH8!

Wondering: when I will get around to watching the final season of How I Met Your Mother.

Loving: my new goals in fitness and working out. AND how I’m actually working to finish them for once in my life.

Hoping: that the weather wouldn’t be so crappy. Also hoping that I carve more pumpkins tonight.

Marveling: at how flipping awesome my mother is. I’m her number one fan.


Needing: new running shoes. Looking at Nike Freeruns!!!

Smelling: a musty heater smell coming from the heater next to me in my study hall.

Wearing: currently? a flannel and white t shirt and jeans and brown lace up boots. Very hipster-ish and very comfy. Yay fall!

Following: the whole main cast of the Big Bang Theory. Minus Leonard cause he is absent from the Instagram universe.

Noticing: that I have great big aspirations and dreams.

Knowing: that I will do my hardest to reach my aspirations and dreams. :)

Thinking: that I need a nap.

Feeling: tired. See above.

Bookmarking: uhhhh….? I don’t bookmark things on my laptop, but I am guilty of dog earing all of the books I own. Apparently that is a cardinal sin to librarians.

Opening: myself to new opportunities and times. Such as cheerleading. By the way guys, I’m cheerleading this winter….prepare for awkward cheer posts.

Giggling: at everything that is possible. The video I posted above. Actually today I giggled probably TOO much during an oral test….Oh weeellll….


Pumpkin Carving Fun


I carved a pumpkin yesterday. It’s miniature. It’s adorable. It’s also slightly mutilated because I accidentally chopped one of it’s teeth off…oh well.


It was supposed to be Cheshire cat until I chopped off a tooth and forgot to cut in eyebrows. Oh well. He’s adorable and amazing anyways. :)


He may or may not be mostly held together with tooth picks. I maaaay have made some accidental cuts. You can’t blame me though because when I asked for the pumpkin cutting supplies, my mom told me I was an adult now and would use adult tools. Then she handed me a butcher knife and told me to have at it.

Me. The girl who had to get four stitches in her hand from unsheathing a knife wrong. SERIOUSLY? The knife got away from me a few times, but thank goodness, no stitches this time.


Change is Fun

Four months ago (ish) I decided to henna my hair. Then I decided I didn’t like it and wanted it to have more blonde in it instead. Much to my displeasure, my lovely hairdresser wouldn’t color my hair until after the henna faded out.

Fast forward to TODAY, four months later, and I got my hair did!IMG_8842

My pre-styling selfie. My hair was really messy from being in a bun, so sorry for the awkward hand pose. Anywho, it’s more of a dark brownish color.


In the chair selfie. Also, I’m gonna bring the weird half bun thing in style. ;)


See how it’s darker on top but lighter on the underneath?!?! I love love loooove it! It’s semi ombre but peekaboo-ed. If that makes sense.


My stylist is a magician.


Down With the Thigh Gap

I didn’t hear about thigh gaps until recently. For some reason, I have been left out of the loop of this fad…I’m not sure why.

But recently it was brought to my attention that having a “thigh gap” is a desirable trait. My first thought “wtf is that?” I set to the internet to find out what exactly this mystical “thigh gap” is…

Turns out, it’s just a space between your thighs! You woulda thought that I could figure that out just form the name, but turns out I can’t. But what I find concerning about a “thigh gap” is that a lot young teenagers are devoting themselves to getting one. I was assailed with article after article of people malnourished and resorting to desperate measures to get one of these fancy “thigh gaps”.

What is especially crazy about thigh gaps is that MOST PEOPLE ARE PHYSICALLY INCAPABLE OF GETTING THEM. Thigh gaps are not defined just by the amount of fat you have on your body, but on the amount of muscle you have, your tendon length, your pelvic structure and your bone structures. Basically, your propensity towards a thigh gap is defined by your body type. 


I have a mesomorph body type. I have naturally large thighs, but I also work the hell out of them. They are strong and big, and have been called thunder thighs before. But they also give me a good butt and great soccer skills so I love them.

soccer game 013

You may be like me girlfriends. No matter how many pounds I drop or meals I skip, I will never be able to have a thigh gap. And that is okay.

Thigh Gap

Girls, you are not defined by your thigh gap. Thigh gaps should not be a thing. If you naturally have one, girl you are gorgeous. If you naturally don’t have one, you are just as hawt and awesome. Beauty comes from within, not from the size of the space between your legs.

And while there is nothing wrong with having a thigh gap or not having a thigh gap, there is something wrong with starving yourself. GIRL YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. The song is cheesy, but Bruno Mars was spot on when he wrote it. Each and every one of you is gorgeous and wonderful in your own state. Learn to love yourself. Strive to lose the weight of negativity on your mind, not the weight on your tummy.


Close the thigh gap!


Viva le Weekend


On Friday, I was bored and decided that painting a mural on my wall at 7:30 PM was a great idea….


The dreary sky before my run.


My Halloween costume this year! I haven’t dressed up in forEVer, but I got invited to a costume party….and I decided to be Minnie Mouse :)


The beautiful avocados that my mother got for me!


Oh and I didn’t want to do my homework so I decided to bake a cherry pie. I love Fall because I can make pies. It rocks my socks off.


A delicious panini my madre made me! As a recently gone vegetarian, it is a roasted bell pepper panini with avocado and it was devine!

Long live the weekend! (Viva le Weekend!)


Senior Pictures

I realized that because I was so busy with my job this summer, I didn’t even give you a recap of my senior pictures! I only posted a few!

I didn’t pay a professional photographer to take them, I just asked two of my best friends to do it with their fancy shmancy camera. Which they did. During part of the shoot it was pouring rain….which was super fun.

We’re doing another session this November when they come home for Thanksgiving! :)

 edited senior pics 059 edited senior pics 301 edited senior pics 329edited senior pics 05444 edited senior pics 359

Not too shabby in my opinion!


Senior Quote

It’s that time of year where I decide my senior quote (gasp!) and submit my senior picture (gasp!) and my baby pictures (gasp!) to all of the various committees that need them for senior-y thingies.

edited senior pics 009 edited senior pics 047

My senior quote is:

“What’s coming will come and we’ll meet it when it does.” -Hagrid

If there’s one thing you need to know about me, it’s that my love for Harry Potter is endless.