Thoughts I Had While Running

running thoughts

Am I there yet?


Daydream about the cute Nike shoes I will soon be getting. I could nike ID them.

Why the eff did I wear a sweatshirt? Note to self, don’t wear a sweatshirt while running. You will want to take it off after five minutes no matter the weather.

………..that cute boy from class shirtless………….

My muscles hurt.

I’m a whiner aren’t I?

How can my friends stand all this whining? I’m annoying myself with all the whining I’m doing mentally on this run.

Hmmm I should stop and take a scenic picture.

OOOH! I can post it on my blog later! And on instagram! Yipee!

Look how many miles I’m running….proud of myself.

Single Ladies came on! This is my jam!

4 miles is an unusually long ways.

This uphill section will kill me while simultaneously making my ass fabulous.

I want chocolate. And avocados. And pumpkin stuff.

I’m going to make pumpkin bars tonight and I’ll be damned if anyone tells me I can’t!

Oooh look! I’m almost done. Thank goodness.

50 minutes with nothing but my thoughts and music is a really long time….

I should totally post all of these thoughts on my blog tonight.

Oh look, I just did! ;) xoxo

Blogs YOU Should Read

As you can tell, I’m a blogger. But that’s a little obvious ;)

My little blog isn’t that well known, and mostly I just write it for myself. I write it hoping that eventually it’ll become popular and famous, but right now it’s just for me. I know that there are ways to grow my popularity…….but I’m lazy and I’ve tried to do those things and I got confused and freaked out and this whole internet domain thingy is A LOT harder than I originally thought.

Yay for internet.

ANYWHO, I thought I’d give y’all a little insight into the blogs that inspired me to blog in the first place! I read them pretty regularly and they’re super entertaining.

Fit Personality

Currently this is my favorite blog! It’s written by a girl named Katy and it originally started out to track her weight loss progress. Since then I guess it has morphed into more of a life style blog. But it’s still full of workout tips and tricks. I wouldn’t call it purely a health blog….more of a healthy living blog….not sure but I looooove it. I’m constantly in search of bloggers close to my own age! She is only three years older than me so I love that about it. It’s relatable.

Girl Meets Life

Written by a 20-something named Gracie Gordon. I’ve been subscribed to her blog for over a year now and I still read it almost daily. I love love love it. Maybe it’s because of my obsession with NYC, but she also is adorable.

The Londoner

Just followed this blog, but so far loving it! :) Another lifestyle blog, but this one is about London (duh!)

Simply Taralynn

Another new discovery! This girl is also adorable and I love how she posts about food all the time. Her dog Grumples is equally cute as she is.

Love Sex Pizza

Thiiiiiis blog is a little different than the ones listed above. It’s kind of like a book, but you only get a chunk a week. It started out as one story about a girl in NYC on Cosmopolitan’s web page! But since then, the original story ended and the author created this webpage. On it there is two stories that are being sent out weekly. On Tuesday a story about a girl in NYC is posted. And on Thursday a spin off from the original story is sent out..

I’m not sure if I’m making sense………..but trust me it’s good. It’s a couple months into the stories though so you’ll have to backtrack to figure out what’s happening.

How Sweet it Is

EVERYTHING DELICIOUS IS POSTED ON HERE. Go read it and prepare to be starving. I love it. I love food.

I decided to write this list today mainly because a reader commented on one of my recent posts and said how much they related to my blog. That comment honestly made my whole day. I’ve had people comment on  my blog before, but no one has told me how much they related to it!

It made me realize that some people may not have access to some great blogs….and I thought you all might want some to read! Other than when you read mine, duh ;)

Maybe someday I’ll be given a shout out on a famous blog? We shall see….but for now, you few readers and your kind words are enough for me. <3 Much love. Thanks for listening to my random ass rants.


My Day in Eats + Workout

Today was good day. Today I wore almost all black, which is weird for me. Today I did a chemistry lab and didn’t fail it.

Today I cheated on my eating healthy plan by having a donut…don’t worry I smushed the cream out because it was cream filled and cream filling is yucky so technically, it was semi healthy. Other than that today I was pretty darn tootin healthy!

PicMonkey Collage

Breakie fastie- Large home made green tea with a splash of organic hazelnut half n’ half. Also toast with organic crunch PB and home made peach preserves….which I promptly dropped on the ground and cried because the preserve part fell off…

(No snack today besides my cheat donut)

Lunch time- Left over home made spaghetti with organic whole wheat pasta noodles. Also some organic grapes and a Kirkland granola bar.


I got a spiffy new running app that I LURVE. So far, so good. Thank you Nike for all that you do. I ran a looping track by my school. Tomorrow hopefully I’ll get on a longer one.

Post work out snack- not pictured, but I had a version of my lost breakfast, except wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.

Second snack- Carrots from my very OWN GARDEN BABY. So frickin delish I cannot tell you how delish without dissolving into a puddle of rainbows.

Dinner- not pictured sadly, but more leftover spaghetti cause my family is lazy sometimes.


Update: I Need Tech Help

Hi…….so I’ve been blogging for awhile now and I’m okay at figuring things out.

But when it comes to installing plug-ins to my wordpress I am beyond confused.

I want to add a pin it button to my page as well as other plug ins.

If someone knows how to use thesee… me please and help me figure it out! You can reach me at, but please also comment below!

Thanks readers :)


How to Feel Better on an Off Day

get in yo groove

We all have those days……..where you feel like crap and all you want to do is cry and sit in a corner and listen to a depressing Pandora station.

But NO! You are better than that! You WANT to be happy! You WANT to get your groove back! And it’s easy. Do it and you’ll be grooving like you’re in the cast of Hairspray in no time!

1. Put on your best kick ass song

Shakira? Ke$ha? Beyonce? Doesn’t matter. Whatever feels like you run the world and are on top of a mountain. Turn your speakers up to ten and blast that baby.

2. Pamper yo-seelllfff!

A little pampering can go a long way! Paint your nails, do your make up. Put on a hair mask. Paint on some lipstick. Make yourself feel loved and pampered. You should feel like the beautiful butterfly that you are.

3. Drink tea

I don’t know about you, but when I drink tea I feel like one fancy mofo.

4. Look at old pictures of yourself and laugh

Those crappy yearbook photos? Bring em out and LOL and appreciate puberty.

5. Exercise your tookus off


6. Watch and Inspiring video

I’m not sure about you, but whenever I watch Dove’s “Like A Girl” campaign videos, I get goosebumps. It’s super inspiring to the feminist in me.


Seriously. Laugh. Fake it. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between a real laugh and a fake laugh, so laughing will make you feel better. Laugh while you blow dry your hair. Laugh while you take a shower. Laugh while you’re laying in bed. JUST LAUGH.

8. Take a nap

Naps are refreshing wonderful creatures. Naps are the best part of life. Nap away your funk and wake up feeling refreshed and loving life.



Believe it or not….but Scarywood scared the beejeezus out of me! If you don’t know what Scarywood is, it’s one of the scariest attractions in the Pacific Northwest. By summer it’s a pretty fabulous theme park, but when October rolls around the theme park morphs itself into basically a gigantic haunted house.

And it’s honestly pretty f**kin scary. Full review and synopsis of attractions here.

I went Saturday night with two of my closest friends and my lovely older brother. I cried in one of the haunted houses…I also got called Frodo (referencing to my 5’2″ height) by one of the tour guides. I ate dip n’ dots and had a blast.


I’ve gone in years past and it has been bucketing rain OR it has been about negative 1000000 degrees. Thankfully, this weather was just right.


In our spare time we pose with creepy creepy creatures…..

Over the night I also consumed one rockstar energy drink and two red bulls…..I was a little hopped up on sugar and caffeine. Especially since I’m not a huge caffeine drinker.

IMG_8641 IMG_8643

Cue creepy music


Honestly Scarywood just convinced  me that there was going to be an axe murderer around every corner…..thank you a lot….