No Sugar November (and October)

Dieting has never been a strong suit of mine…I just love cheese, pasta, chocolate, ice cream….basically anything and everything that is considered “high fat” and “high carb”.

Luckily I have been forced into a mostly organic diet and therefore when I’m eating “crappily” it’s still a lot more healthy than how the majority eats. I tend to stay away from processed and fast foods. Due to a health condition I also try to stay away from enriched foods such as brand name cereals and white bread.

But still, although I do eat healthy the majority of the time, I could always eat better! Diet trends come and go, but I have a system that works well for me. It may not work for you, but I have found success with it!

Key Tips for Eating Healthy

NO WHITE BREAD- You heard me! White bread is terrible for you. There are no redeeming qualities. It is enriched with iron, all of the nutrients are sapped out and all that’s left is crap. Leave your wonder bread at home!

DRINK LOTS OF WATER- Seeing as humans are largely comprised of water,  you need a lot of it to function. But also, drinking water helps you feel full and refreshed between meals. Personally I am not a fan of flavored waters (and the added colors, chemicals and sugars are unnecessary) so I tend to stick with straight well water or filtered water.

HALF YOUR PLATE SHOULD BE VEGGIES OR FRUITS- You need to be sure you’re eating a variety of fruits and vegetables with every meal, they have many antibodies and healthy properties that will make your body happy.

EVERYTHING IN MODERATION- Every now and then, a “cheat meal” isn’t a bad thing. To completely deny yourself of your beloved unhealthy foods takes all the fun out of life! A small piece of dark chocolate or a glass of juice won’t kill your diet. It will make you feel good, and cheat meals are a great incentive!


Earlier when I talked about dieting fads, this is one that I pretty regularly adhere to. “What!?” you may screech, “How do you cut out sugar!?”

“Well,” I answer wisely. Try picturing me cross legged in a buddhist monk outfit, “Cutting out sugar is not as hard as you think, especially when you follow my rules.”

When you are planning on cutting your sugar intake down, it is important to remember that SUGAR IS IN EVERYTHING. Because of the way our food is created and processed today, you will find high fructose corn syrup in almost every processed item you buy. Even when you buy unprocessed foods, natural sugars are still there. DO NOT FREAK OUT.

I’m not saying that high fructose sugar is good for you, I’m saying that it is practically unavoidable. By all means, try and cut down on your intake as much as possible, but do not have a freak out when you realize there are very few high fructose-free items in your market.

Sugar is not necessarily a bad thing, when in moderation and when it is natural. I try to remember this when eating foods and I generally check the ingredients label to see what is in my food. So without further adieu, I invite all of you to join me on my two month cut out (mostly) of sugar! Here are the rules:

1. Once a week I shall allow myself a cheat meal, to be taken on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I shall allow myself at this time to eat a small (no bingeing!) portion of a sweet good.

2. The other 6 days of the week I shall only eat natural sugars found in natural foods. However when something needs a little sweetening, I shall allow myself to eat natural sweeteners such as stevia or a small drizzle of organic honey.


4. I shall accept the fact that sugar is in everything and not stress out about it.

These rules are pretty easy to follow and they are the ones I usually stick with. Over the two months, you should notice a cut down of fat in your stomach, arms, buttocks and chest. If you combine this eating routine with an exercise plan, you should notice healthy results very soon!

Good luck!


Thankful Every Day

For my Interpersonal Communications class, we have to write a self reflection essay. There’s a number of prompts and requirements we have to fulfill in order to get an A, but my FAVORITE PART is one of the prompts.


Be someone’s umbrella.

It’s about saying thank you to the ones you love and people who have been there for you. You write three letters saying thank you, mail them, and then write your essay. The essay part isn’t as cool (you have to analyze whyyyyy you wrote them, blah blah blah), but I love the part about saying thank you.


I’ve been a bit slack on my thankful thursday posts, but I am going to start doing it again. However, it’s best to be thankful every day, not just on one day per week or one holiday per year. Say thank you and be grateful every day of your life.



First Win of the Season

Monday was awesome… soccer team won our first home game in all 4 years of my high school career! It sounds kind of pathetic when I say it like that, but I couldn’t be prouder of the outcome!


This is my team. A wonderful group of girls so fabulous that even Beyonce would be jealous.

IMG_8268 IMG_8264

Some silly pics with some of my favorite ladies. I’m loving my piggy tail braids too, they make me feel like I could beat anybody up!

IMG_8275 IMG_8276

After the game we went to Pizza Hut because no win is complete without chocolate dunkers! Some people post gourmet food pics, I myself enjoy screenshotting snapchats and pretending that it is high quality photography. #canthelpit


Weekend Rewind

My weekend was great…probably because it was a 3-day weekend! I had Friday off of school and I used the time to catch up on my homework and relax. Later there was a football game and then we made a fire and roasted s’mores. It was pretty bomb diggity.

IMG_8222 IMG_8220

Next, on Saturday I had a game, which was exhausting. We are slowly getting better, but we still lost.

On Sunday, I babysit an adorable girl and a one year old boy! The day included cheerios, tattoos and games.

IMG_8227 IMG_8231

(Mine is the rainbow unicorn)


How to Cope with Long Distance Relationships


Being away from your friends or significant is always hard, especially when exciting things happen to you and they’re all far away.

In my case, I’m not missing my significant other, I’m missing my four significant others. I’ve had a core group of girlfriends throughout my whole life, but I’m the youngest and this year I am the lone remainder. I’m the only one left still in high school, they’re all off in college! I’m very jealous/excited for them, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m stuck here in town while they’ve ventured farther out west to their respective colleges.

So if you’re like me and are stuck in high school while your BFFs are off gallivanting at college, this post may be for you!

Thankfully, our lives take place in a time of technological ease and missing your loved ones can be abated by only the click of a button.


There is a reason why phones having calling capabilities and it isn’t just to butt dial someone. This tip is therefore fairly straightforward: call your loved one. It’s easy, it’s quick and hearing their voice can make you feel better.


Snap chat is a lovely app that can help you see your loved one’s face almost all the time. It’s quick, it’s easy and the results can be very silly.



Thankfully we also have texting which keeps us in constant contact. But when you are conversing ALL THE TIME, you may eventually run out of things to talk about. Starting a TV show together and watching it at the same time may create conversation with each other. Added bonus: you get to watch TV and possibly eat popcorn….what’s not to love


I know, your lover is 4,000,000 miles away, or your BFFs are off at college a 4 hour drive away. It’s hard to see each other, but trust me, YOU GOTTA. Seeing each other face to face will never be replaced with technological interactions. You need to see your friends smile, get a hug, and tell each other what they’ve been missing. BUCKLE UP AND MAKE THE INITIATIVE TO GO SEE YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER/FRIEND. Because you gotta.


Nothing says I love you more than sending a care package. Fill it with candy or food, funny pictures, a present or two, coupons, love letters, whatever you feel like. In my case I like to include a baked good, candy, a present of some kind (artwork or something store bought), and a handwritten note. It shows your friend/significant other that you’re thinking of them. And besides, who doesn’t love receiving mail that isn’t spam?


This tip isn’t particularly applicable if you are missing your significant other, but if you’re missing your friends….it may be time to bite the bullet. Although you love your friends and you will always miss them, sometimes you gotta branch out. Make new friends by joining clubs, teams, or sitting at a new table for lunch. It’s not always easy, but in the end you may just meet a new lifelong friend.



25 Reasons Why Fall is the Absolutely Best Season

Some love the hot sun rays of sumer. Some love the snows of winter. Some love the rains of spring. But to me, there is no better holiday than FALL. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. There is nothing bad about it at all. No downfalls. NONE. Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but it is a pretty fabulous season.

And without further ado, 25 reasons why fall is the best season:



3. ANY PIE. It’s no longer too hot to run your oven and you can bake yourself any delicious delight you feel like

4. The leaves are changing color and it is beautiful

5. It may just be me, but fall smells the best too. Like fresh, cold air and new grass

6. It is now acceptable to drink hot chocolate with marshmallows/whipped cream/sprinkles

7. You can wear boots!

8. And cute scarves! And sweaters!

9. It’s football/soccer/volleyball season and the weekends are filled with fun school pride events

10. Homecoming. I just love love love LOVE my school’s homecoming!

11. Carving pumpkins

12. Leggings and hoodies. Nuff said..

13. Halloween candy!!!!!!!!!!!!

14. My mother and I make gingerbread cookies shaped like turkeys every single year. And it is the best….

15. Heat seaters have a use again

16. My face gets really tan from soccer practice (although not sure if this will happen next year when I am in college)

17. Bonfires with marshmallows

18. Flannels and beanies and cute gloves and scarves. TBH I also love fall because of the adorable clothing choices.

19. Thanksgiving! It’s silly but I LOVE that holiday. The food is obviously amazing, but I also love getting together with my family and giving much needed thanks

20. Wearing wool socks will not lead to me getting judged anymore (haters gon’ hate)

21. All the new shows come out on TV and my Netflix account gets all the new season!

22. Something particular about this fall is the release of the new iPhone 6! And Sims 4!

23. I can use my pretty new macbook for something useful (homework), rather than just using it to surf pinterest

24. Curling up by the fire with a good book is a perfectly acceptable way to spend your evening





I’m Back!

Hello internet friends!

I know I have been absent for a month….and many apologies. I have some excuses but mainly it boils down to a lack of time and energy. You may not think it, but blogging is slightly time consuming. You have to think of interesting things…edit things…write things…blah blah blah. It’s all very taxing on my tired mind!

Recently however I’ve been feeling the itch. The “I could blog about this” itch. So without further ado, I’M BACK BABY!

The last time I posted wassss school shopping and much has happened. I have been so busy that I haven’t really even taken any pictures (there’s a few in my instagram feed)!! It’s crazy. Here are a few from my month though:



Who doesn’t love a few goofy selfies with a great friend?

IMG_8090These are all taken before/after soccer practice….because that is what my life now consists of.

IMG_8154The only REAL thing I’ve had time for recently is homework and a little art. This is a quick tiger that I painted a couple weeks ago. So far it has done nothing but sit on my wall at home.


Also I’ve made use of this lovely fall weather and apple season to bake an apple pie! This really is my favorite favoritest season!


A few cool things should be happening in the next couple weeks or so… First off, I’m dying my hair later in October! Hopefully something similar to the image above….I’ve always wanted to see what I look like with lighter hair, so why not try it out?

Also, my senior homecoming is coming up in the next couple weeks! I’m on student council so my life has been a little hectic planning that, but I can’t wait.

I should be receiving (hopefully) a few college acceptance letters and (in my dreams) huge scholarships! Fingers crossed!