Catchin up with Callahan

Whenever I talk to people from back home, they keep saying “Oooh, so what exactly are you doing in New Zealand?” The answer: #straightthuggin.

Straight thuggin

Just kidding. I like to pretend I’m gangster. It’s a fun aspiration when you’re a 5’2″ white girl. Sorry mom, gangsta rap made me do it.

For this little blog post, I interviewed myself. It was quite fun, I was a great guest. Hopefully this will answer all your questions from you peeps back in T-town and Montana

What exactly are you doing in New Zealand?

Well, I recently landed a job at Mondo Cafe! I work as a prep cook / dishwasher / barista / clerk / cleaner / a lot of things. BUT I have awesome bosses and co workers and I love it. I’m learning to do latte art, which is actually uber fun.

When will you be heading home?

I leave on the 14th of May which is actually the 13th of May in Montana (I’m 20 hours ahead).

Why did you leave high school and head to New Zealand?

Short answer: I felt that I had learned as much as I could from high school and I wanted to learn out in the real world.

Long answer: Last semester I had more than enough credits to graduate and had taken almost all of the classes available to me at my high school. If I stayed, I would be taking purely online college classes and sitting in the library all day long. Yes, it would be nice to get those college credits out of the way, but I find I don’t learn as well independently. Also, that sounds depressing and lonely.

Are there hot boys?

Yes. Very hot. The accents are amazing. It’s hot boy land. Problem though, most of them suck and are only traveling through / are pretentious jerks.

Is there a nightlife?

Yes, there are a bunch of dancing clubs!! It’s incredibly fun and it’s a great way to meet people. There’s also a lot of great restaurants that I have been enjoying.

Do you miss home?

Yes, most days. Except the days when I’m laying out in the sun tanning while it’s snowing back home.


I hope this answered any questions anyone might have had! I miss you guys! See you in a couple of months! :)

xoxo, Callahan

Do you enjoy straight thugging? Shoot me a line! :) ALSO: If you have anymore questions about what I’m doing / what my daily life is like, feel free to comment them! :)

Good Eats

All I want to do with my life is eat. Actually, all I want to do is eat GOOD food. I like good food.


From last Friday, this is a half pepperoni and half caramelized onion / some kind of meat / some yummy stuff. It was quite delicious. And half priced! Because Wednesdays are apparently the day where this restaurant in Frankton slashes their prices? I’m not going to complain.


YUM standard breakfast. Toast with ago and toast with boysenberry jam. So good. Couldn’t resist taking a picture before taking a bite. If you don’t love avocado toast, I don’t love you.


Not-so-grown-up snack. Greek yogurt with peaches and cheerios and dark chocolate. Eaten on my bed while watching Sex and the City. Yum. Comfort food.


An über healthy green smoothie. Spinach, kiwi, banana, apple juice and spirulina. Yucky sounding, and mostly good tasting. Although next time I’m going to leave out the spirulina. I know it’s popular and crap, but I don’t like the taste. Or smell! It made the smoothie weirdly gritty.


And last but not least, this yummy burger. I had to pick off the beetroot though. Why do New Zealanders feel the need to put beetroot on EVERYTHING? I don’t get it.

xoxo, Callahan

What good eats have you been munching on lately??

20 Ways to Get Out of a Funk

Some days I feel sick and meh and not that into anything at all. I get in a funk. And not a good one. Here are some foolproof (?) ways to get yourself into a good groove!

20 Ways to Get out of a Funk

1. Listen to old school Taylor Swift. Or parodies of Taylor Swift.

2. Listen to new Taylor Swift. Or more parodies.

3. Hang out with a cool toddler. They really are tiny drunk humans.

4. Work out. Endorphins are your friend.

5. Put on some lipstick and fake eyelashes. Always cheers me up.

6. Take a bubble bath. Or a bath with a bath bomb. Treat yo’self.

7. Make an excel spreadsheet….or is that just me? ;)

8. Call your mom. Whine and let her yell at you / speak motivational words.

9. Drink tea.

10. Smile. Fake laugh. Fake laugh until it becomes real laughter.

11. Eat a really delicious, healthy meal. And then eat ice cream afterwards so that it gets canceled out.

12. Watch a shitty reality TV show so you feel better about yourself.

13. Snapchat ugly pictures of yourself to your friends. Laugh after getting ugly selfies from them in return.

12. Bake shiz.

13. Plan your future.

14. Get on pinterest.

15. Curl your hair.

16. Do some yoga poses and some sun salutations.

17. Go work out and pump some iron. Or punch a punching back.

18. Listen to classical music.

19. Eat chocolate (it has healing powers….just ask the Dementors).

20. Realize that you’re a beautiful little butterfly and that you are the only one who can make you happy, and start taking the steps to do so.

Hope all you little wonderful humans have had a good week so far. <3

xoxo, Callahan

What do you do to cheer yourself up?

How to Choose the Right College FOR YOU

How to Choose the Right College  Completely Callahanicus

The spring semester of your senior year is an amazing time. You’re basically skipping class, or attending class and skipping it mentally. You’re coasting until the end of the semester. BUT, you still have SOME obligations.

It’s time to crack down and choose what college you will be attending in the fall. It’s time to get real kiddies. You spent all fall and winter applying to colleges and dicking around. Now it’s the time to actually, ya know, choose the college you will be attending. There are some factors to consider, and some questions to ask yourself:


Obviously, you have to attend a college that has your major. But also make sure there are lots of other majors you may be interested in. You need a fall back plan. You might hate this major and then realize another one is kickass. You need lots of options to choose from.



You can’t go to a college you cannot afford. End of story. Unless you are going into a career where you need connections to make it work (politics / lawyer-ing / doctor-ing), your state school will probably prepare you for the work force well enough. You don’t need to go to Harvard and get buckets of debt if you’re majoring in basket weaving.

This was the hardest fact for me to grasp. I really wanted to go to a fancy out of state college that was going to cost me about $50,000 a year. I eventually realized that I could survive with a lovely state school degree, and be far less in debt. It’s hard to realize, but very few degrees are worth 200K.


What type of clubs do you wish to be involved in? Sorority life, Harry Potter club? Also, check out the types of intramural teams they have. There may be some bitchin ones, like innertube water polo (no joke, my friend did this).


Do you like a school with a  huge sports culture? Or one that has none at all? Google it. Look it up. See if they win!


No one wants to live in a dung heap. According to my mother, this isn’t very important. But to me, as the person who is going to be living there for the next 9 months, it is. Go on the university website and you can usually find pictures. But those may lie, so also google it. Google is your friend here.



Instate means you’re close to home, it’s cheaper, and easier. But it also can be a little claustrophobic and a little familiar.

Out of state means you’re far away, it’s expensive and a little harder. But you also have the opportunity to experience a whole new culture. New nature, new cities, new everything!



Ask yourself: are you going to a college because you love the city, or because you love the college? It may seem like a silly, simple question, but it is important. You may hate the college, but it is set in the city of your dreams. This is bull. You need to mesh them together. MESH THEM. Find a city you love and a college you love.


It all comes down to this: what YOU want. If you’re willing to go very in debt for a school you love? Do it. If you think a school is full of unicorns and love, even if your parents hate it? Go there. It’s your choice kitten, and yours only to make. You’re an adult now. Choose.

xoxo, Callahan

What schools have you decided to go to? Comment and let me know!

Updates | February 19

Yo guyssssss. Life posts are always easiest when I do them in a list form.

1. I had a dream last night that I met Obama and his whole family. And that they gave me $6,000. Night before that, I hugged Zac Efron. Before that, I predicted my friends breaking up (but they didn’t). I hope I’m psychic and all of these things come true (except for maybe the last one).

2. I now bike everywhere. I’m that person.


3. Finally lost my Cookie Time virginity!! Oh em gee. Fresh baked chocolate chunk cookies samwhiched over 3 scoops of brownie fudge ice cream. My life is so hard. Poor me.

IMG_0092 IMG_0091

4. I am so addicted to Masterchef Australia. Tonight is the final round before the semi finals!! But honestly, some of the fun of watching Masterchef has been taken away. I know someone who competed on Masterchef New Zealand and apparently a whole lot of it is fake. :( My heart is shattered. I’m one of those people who like to believe the REALITY in reality TV.

5. Also, if you have time, GO WATCH KINGSMAN!! I watched it last night, and I already want to watch it again!

6. Also, I’m drinking a lot of fresh squeezed juice right now. This is an orange, carrot, apple, and ginger mixture. Maybe I’ll do some cool juice recipes on da blawg soon.


xoxo, Calahan

What have you been up to recently?

Unexpected Surprise


Sometimes late at night I sit and listen to my favorite music and journal. Last night I did this because I was trying to recover from a fairly stressful day/week. I just find it incredibly peaceful and it brings out a different side of me that few people really see. Several things have been bothering me recently and I was trying to breathe in good karma and exhale all the bad crap that comes with being stressed.

It wasn’t working. Which is weird, because this is my “me” time and it usually gets me in such a good stinkin mood. Maybe it was because my mom and dad are an ocean away. Maybe it’s because my best friends are all growing up and I’m scared that we might drift a little. Maybe it’s because I’m fighting a cold. Maybe it’s because I (unwisely) stayed up until 2 AM dancing the night before. And then slept like crap because I (unwisely, again) ingested a red bull at 12 AM.

But right as I was about to call it quits and resort to plan B (sleep), I looked out my window and saw the most dazzling sunset. It was gorgeous. One of the sunsets that pictures can’t do justice and only come around when you really need them.

I turned up Fink and went and sat on my window sill. Just sitting in silence and enjoying the view turned my mood completely around.

I guess the point of this post is to tell everyone that even when life sucks, nature’ll throw you a curveball that you won’t expect. Look outside and you never know what beauty you may see.

xoxo, Callahan

Let’s Talk About Food

If you follow me on twitter or converse with me in the flesh, you may notice that I talk about food…a lot. As in, more than 50% of the time. It just happens. I can’t control it. I love it so much. Except for zucchini. I loathe zucchini. That shiz ain’t good.

In case you were wondering, here are some of my yummy yummy eats from the past week.


I have a deep passion for things dipped in chocolate, but chocolate  covered pretzels and raisins are probably my top favorite things. But I like to mix the raisins and the almonds, because almonds are semi healthy…right? Plus it’s all kinds of salty and sweet and delicious.


Tea. Of the green kind, to be specific. I like my tea straight. No sugar, honey, or cream. Occasionally I like a dash of hazelnut half n half. But the majority of the team I like it straight up.


I was recently given a huge bundle of yellow plums. It was a huge bagful, and I had to take it home with me on my bike (there is no basket). So I held it in my hand the whole time and almost crashed like 70 times, but somehow I persevered. The bag was so heavy that it threw off the balance of the bicycle. Twas treacherous. I made it all the way to the garage, where I promptly crashed and sent plums flying everywhere. Thankfully 2/3 were still fine. We’re looking at a plum tart recipe post soon.


Ahhh this was from yesterday. I et it at a bakery in Queenstown. Potato, cream cheese, and smoked salmon pie. It was very pretty looking, but not the best tasting in the whole world. Should have had more garlic.


I can’t take credit for baking these. My aunt baked 6 adorable heart shaped banana bread muffins. This one was actually meant for a toddler unbeknownst to me, and I didn’t learn that until after it was already in my belly. Whoopsies.


Technically she isn’t a food, BUT SHE’S SO CUTE I COULD JUST GOBBLE HER RIGHT UP. Plus, her name is Juniper. Which technically a Juniper tree could be food if you were really hungry.


My buddy who loves eating cookies just as much as me. We’re twins separated by 14 years and several continents.

xoxxo, Callahan

What foods have you been loving and eating lately?