Thankful Thursday


This is kind of long, but stay with me: Yesterday when an ATM malfunctioned, my boyfriend and I were left without the cash to pay for our meal at a Mexican Restaraunt. The waitress was kind of rude about it, but we waved it off. When we were leaving the parking lot to go and get cash from a different ATM, a gentleman came up to us and gave us a $100 bill. He told us to go, pay for our meal, and bring the change back to where he worked in town. He told us that he had been there before. This is the nicest and most trusting thing that a stranger has ever done for me. Random acts of kindness are amazing. I plan on paying it forward, and hopefully other people are doing the same. 😊 #thankful

June Recap

Hello all!

I know I have been terrible about posting (as in, not posting once in a month)….but I have a standard excuse: I have been SO busy. I know, I know. Total cop out. But it is true. I landed a job at our local Forest Service and I have been spending 40 hours a week doing outdoor labor. I kinda sorta takes it out on you.

Exciting events you’ve missed:

1.Something very exciting happened last weekend though, I got my senior pictures done! (!!!!!) It’s all very exciting.

2.I have also narrowed down my college application list to 10 of my top college choices.

3. My club soccer team won the state cup. No big deal.

4. I had my first official summer swim of the year.

5. Me and my girlfriends made DIY flower crowns which didn’t work out too well.

edited senior pics 001 edited senior pics 024 edited senior pics 031 edited senior pics 034 edited senior pics 047 edited senior pics 058

Sorry for the senior picture overload, but I JUST COULDN’T HELP IT.

It’s goodbye for now, but I will try and update this AS SOON AS I have time.

Orange Julius Copy Cat

As I’ve gotten older, something terrible has happened…….I have started to fall out of love with chocolate. When I was younger it was always “Chocolate ice cream! Chocolate chip pancakes! Hot chocolate!” Now it’s more of “Vanilla ice cream! Strawberries! Laffy Taffy!” and I’m finding myself more drawn to fruity things with taffy like substances.

Also, I am not eating ice cream eating as much ice cream as I would like. It has let me to the hunt of finding sweet yet healthy cold treats for this summer! Gotta get that bikini bod ;)

Obviously when I need a new recipe that is quick and easy, I turn to my good old pal pinterest. My search was short because I found a winner quite quickly! Yay for pinterest!


Orange Julius Copy Cat Drink

 1 cup of milk

1 cup of water

2/3 cup of orange juice concentrate

Lots of ice cubes

1 teaspoon of vanilla

Basically you just throw everything into the blender (use as much ice as you would like), and blend it up! It is easy and delicious and cold and creamy. You can add sugar if you like it sweeter.

ALSO! I was out of milk today and used greek yogurt instead, which made it wayyyy more creamy.




Replay of my Week

I’m sorry for the lack of posts….typical excuse: SO BUSY. I can’t help it….the end of the year is approaching and there is a ton of stuff going on. This past week I’ve had memorial day, soccer practice, the senior’s last day, decorating for graduation, fundraising for next year, elections, etc etc.

Yesterday I was very active especially for the first time in a very, very long time. I’m more of a low key kind of gal, but yesterday really packed the punch! Rundown:

7:15 AM-    Miss my alarm clock and have to rush my routine. T shirt and jeans, anyone?

8:05 AM-   Barely make it to school on time…. Luckily I had a doughnut from our student council fundraiser!


8:00ish to 2:00ish-   School, as usual.

2:00 PM-   Naptime at Fran and Debbie’s home.


3:30-5:45ish PM-   Face painting for the elementary’s family fun night.

6:00 PM-   Taught Fran how to drive stick shift….it was eventful to say the least.

6:15 PM-   Dinner with Fran and Debbie and their family.

7:00 PM-   Make a cheesecake with Fran and then hang out with several of our friends.



7:45 PM-   Planned the making of our flower crowns.


8:30 PM-   Dirt bike ride (and crash) with Fran.


9:00 PM-   Make huckleberry sauce for the cheesecake AND watch some Office. ;)

11:30 PM-   Bedtime!

ALSO, update of snapshots from my week :)


Made myself tomato soup and grilled cheese!


Praaaaaaaaaaaam throwback selfie!


Trying to take pictures for Fran and Debbie’s last day as high school students!!!


I saw a rainbow!


Well thank you for that invitation University of Oregon! I was totally surprised when I got this, to be honest.


Aaaaand that’s about it!





Summer is Upon Us

There are so few days left in the school year and I could not be more excited! It’s getting to the point that not a single teacher is assigning homework. My college class is officially over and I can count the number of days left I have as a junior!



It is so darned beautiful out here.



My tootsies are all green from the freshly mown grass. It smelled soooo goood.



I went on a quick hike with this goober because it was 75 DEGREES OUT!!!



And just a quick shoutout to one of the best men I’ve ever seen!

Life in Numbers






How many days until the end of school? : 12!!!!!!

How many times I have cut my legs while shaving in the past week? : 5

How many times I made this sandwhich for myself in a 24 hour period? : 3



What places I got in the school art show? : 3rd for advanced art and 2nd for pottery!


(Just a picture of me being silly with my gigantic honors project)


How many silly pictures I took with my friend G in the middle of class today? : 10



How many times I tripped in soccer practice today? : 3

How many credits after this year I will need in order to graduate? : 1!!!

How many ACT score sheets I have received in the mail? : 0

How many tardies have I received for being a slow walker? : 3

How many times can I listen to Fancy by Iggy Azalea before I get sick of it? : unlimited

How tired am I on a scale of 1 to 10? : 11

Tick Tock on this School Year

The school year is FINALLY winding to a close. It’s getting to that point where absolutely NO ONE has any pencils or pens and we are forced to steal from someone else’s locker or con a teacher into lending us one.

But even worse than the search for pencils is the search for paper. In my civics class (which is filled with seniors) literally no one has paper and we have to share these communal notebooks with everyone. The amount of motivation to purchase paper is at an all time low.

Our school also had an assembly where they chose their classes. For some reason I decided to load my plate with hard classes. Only because colleges apparently “like” seniors who take challenging classes. If I could have, as my dad calls it, “underwater basket weaving” all day, I would be jacked!

Instead I signed up for pre-calc, chemistry, AP online english and some other hard ones. Why do I do this to myself.

Also fun end of the year activities:

Getting our senior sweatshirts! BBQs! The last day of school! When teachers start giving up on giving us homework! Awards assembly! State tennis! All that good stuff! Bikinis! The art show (its tomorrow, I’ll let you know how it goes)!

Oh, and don’t forget to vote!